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Beluga Sturgeon Caviar

Caviar Tasting through Sensory Analysis

Date: October 31, 2017

Caviar NameCountry of OriginType of FishGrade of Caviar
Beluga SturgeonItalyHuso Husofirst


Egg Size

Egg Colour

Egg Lucidity

Egg Uniformity

medium to large

Charcoal grey and tinge of purple

Shine, bright and glistening

Very Good



IntensityCharacteristics AromasFaults (volatile aromas)

Mild but complex


Pleasant ocean note, slight oyster mushroom earthiness




Primary tastesIntensity of FlavoursTexture and Finish

Perfectly balanced


Balanced saltiness, uniform taste, rounded, integrated, fresh ocean and biscuity

Straight to cream with a moderate astringency, sea brine finish, medium to long duration, great mouthfeel, smooth

Concluding Observations

Round, balanced, complex and integrated. It is full and deep in complexity but still very approachable.